Everything You Need to Know About Beer Pong

What is Beer Pong and Reasons Why You Should Try it

While our college life may be our best teen experience yet, it’ll never be complete without a little bit of partying on the side. Studying and cramming for deadlines are stressful as they are already, and at some point, we just need to unwind a bit and socialize. And what do we think is the perfect game of all time?

Yes, you guessed it right. Beer Pong! It is a beer drinking game where it involves beer, Ping Pong ball, and a lighted Beer Pong table or a portable Beer Pong table. So if you are in college already or will enter college soon, be ready to be exposed to this famous drinking game. House party, football tailgate, college late night parties, you name it, Beer Pong will always be present. And if you want to know more about this drinking game or are planning to set up your own, then this article will be of help to you.


History of Beer Pong

Beer Pong’s history is certainly bountiful, and what we mean about that is that it has mixed stories. It’s very popular today that a lot of these stories claim to have started the popular game.

Originating from a college fraternity back at the Dartmouth College sometime between the years 1950 and 1960, the Beer Pong was played like the usual Ping Pong with net and paddles plus the red beer cups. They would usually aim at cups containing beer one by one and calls it Beer Pong or Beirut.

But, not too long, its popularity spread like wildfire, reaching as far as New England and Pennsylvania in the year 1980. There were accounts where the fraternity brothers of Lehigh University played the game. Later on, Throw Pong was on the rise, where Beer Pong is played without the use of paddles and Ping Pong net.

However, there is also another story saying that the game started at Bucknell in the year 1970. While partying, Bucknell Delta Upsilon brothers didn’t use the paddles for the Beer Pong as they’ll be using it for initiation rituals, thus leaving them with Ping Pong table and plastic balls. Later on, they re-christened it and named it Throw Pong, which is the same idea as the accounts at Lehigh University.

Beyond the confusion about the history of the said game, it is nonetheless still vibrant and popular among colleges and universities.


Why Beer Pong in college?

Especially with all the stressful ideas in college like tests, projects, activities, and anything that comes to your mind when we think of college, we can balance it with a little recreation and hang outs. Beer Pong is an easy yet fun game to play with your friends in college.


But why is it preferred by most of the students?

Unlike the usual games or sports common to universities, Beer Pong is very easy to play. With minimal things to prepare, the drinking game can be done at the comfort of your dorm rooms, especially if it’s spacious, or at your friends’ houses. You only need a flat base, either using a lighted Beer Pong table or anything improvised can do the trick. You can even borrow from someone who has a portable Beer Pong table. Drinking has never been more fun and enjoyable without Beer Pong! So, if you want to try it out but don’t know how to play it, here are a few rules and instructions in playing the drinking game.


Rules and instructions

It is easy to play the game! Different schools have their own house rules, however, the most basic are these rules:

  1. Set up the Ping Pong cups, lighted Beer Pong table or portable Beer Pong table, and of course, the beer.
  2. Have 2 representatives, one for each side of the cheap portable Beer Pong table.
  3. Determine who should throw a ball first. You can play a simple game of “eyes” where the opponent should shoot the ball at a cup while maintaining an eye contact with the opposite person.
  4. Take turns in throwing the ball to your opponent’s cup
  5. Once your ball lands in one of the beer cups, your opponent should drink it and set the cup aside.
  6. Do your best in aiming and throwing at your opponent’s cups.
  7. Whoever targets the most cups is the winner.

It’s easy, right? Now if you are one of the hosts for a party, here are some tips on how to make it happen.

this is a diagram of how a beer pong table should be setup for maximum percision

How to Setup a Beer Pong game

To set it up, here are some things you’ll need to prepare:

  • Any cheap beer of your choice.
  • A good Beer Pong table –To add more fun in the game, our recommendation is a lighted Beer Pong table, very beautiful in dim places, or you can always have a cheap portable Beer Pong table, which is easier to pack and assemble.
  • 22 plastic cups -– It makes 10 cups on each side with 2 water cups.
  • Ping Pong balls –  The number of balls should be based on the number of players.
  • Lots of Friends – Of course, you can’t play without opponents.

After setting up, all you have to do is to play and have fun. Let’s begin the Beer Pong!